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The advantages of our machines are appreciated among other things: Auchan Poland, Blikle Confectionery, Confectionery Owl, Awiteks and more than 100 other confectioneries and bakeries. We also sell our equipment to France, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Latvia and other European countries.


  • We use the most reliable components available on the global market.
  • The durable parts of the machine are made of the best materials, mainly stainless steel and special aluminium alloys.

Constant technological innovation

  • Through the constant research in the cookies’ preparation processes, involving close co-operation of engineers, confectioners and scientific institutes, we set the technological standards for professional bakeries.
  • We believe that the most advanced technology should be coupled with the simplest steering, so we use the most precise and reliable electronics as well as durable mechanisms with simplified construction.
  • Starting from the design stage, we strive to minimize the maintenance costs and to make all the components as easily accessible as possible.

Intuitive operation

  • Connecting the state-of-the-art engineering with practical technological solutions, allowed us to replace the traditional, complicated parameter setup with comprehensive and easy HMI steering.


  • The machines abilities allow production of a wide range of products

Industrial safety

  • The machine meets the industrial safety standards.
  • Lack of sharp edges and dead spaces together with the possibility of easy disassembly make the machine easy to clean.
  • The construction of the machine, including high working surfaces, lets you choose an optimal working position.
  • The machine is made of materials suitable to the contact with food and it conforms to the FDA standards and the strictest global regulations.

Environmental sustainability

  • The materials used are not toxic, they contain no heavy metals (like cadmium, lead, nickel) and pose no threat to humans and their environment.
  • The machine is extremely energetically economic (comparable to the energy class A).
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